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Hello, I’m Greg Chavarria, PMP, CISSP

Transformational Leader | Gov Exec | PM Expert

I work with teams and innovation to help organizations grow

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About Me

I am a growth and transformation expert with strong focus on building communities, smart cities technology,  and sustainability technology strategies across the public-sector space. As an innovator with deep grasp of engineering, technology, and project management capabilities, I have been privileged to work with great teams to deliver municipal-scale solutions that have improved public safety, infrastructure, process management and accountability within various organizations.


Through my 25 year journey in public service, I have served as a City Manager (2x),  Chief Technology Officer (4x) and delivered innovation through a number of Public Private Partnerships (P3).  Some notable projects I sponsored and managed include a municipal water treatment plant, various public safety facilities, smart surveillance detection systems, digital apps and enterprise software solutions that support  smart cities and digital transformation. I hold a dual Bachelor’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Miami, a Master’s in Information Systems from Florida International University. I look forward to facilitating progress, opportunities and innovation.  

Over the years, I have participated in various knowledge sharing talks and discussions for purposes of promoting the profession.  This is a small clip that highlights some of the lessons learned from migrating to the cloud.

I also share small videos to share best practices for leadership and project management. Click below for more.

Industry Insights: Interview with Greg Chavarria
DJPalmer MIS

Industry Insights: Interview with Greg Chavarria


Innovation is my passion

Fostering teamwork and collaboration...

has allowed me to deliver some of the greatest projects ever.  I have been able to develop solutions that have improved the performance, cost efficiency, reliability, and scale-ability of technology services. 


The improvements have resulted in greater level of technology adoption and integration of business processes.

The infographic to the left denotes the enterprise level projects that I have successfully achieved through sponsorship, sound project management practices and teamwork contributions.

Developing teams is my passion

This is a picture of a team that worked together to make the impossible happen.  Upon being assigned to lead the finance department, as interim CFO, the work loads were uneven, morale needed to be improved, and success was far from sight.

Investing time with each resource to understand concerns,  prioritizing tasks for each role, the department was able to adjust and pulled through. They began to believe in themselves and we were able to achieve greatness.    The team was so enthusiastic about their team work approach that they won most spirited Department at the Annual Employee banquet.  I was honored to serve as their Director for 4 months and be called "Superman".

Organizations I have worked for

Leading municipal governments is my passion

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Story Telling Pictures
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Click on each picture to learn more about my experience and contribution to the profession and community

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